How Hard is it to sell Diamond Engagement Rings?

When you purchase a diamond engagement ring or a white gold diamond ring, you expect to keep it forever, but times change and for one reason or another, sometimes you need to sell your ring. The problem is there are so many different resellers who will be happy to take your ring off your finger for you, how do you decide where to sell your diamond engagement ring?

So, exactly how hard is it to sell your white gold diamond rings or other diamond rings, for that matter and what price can you expect?

Selling your diamond engagement ring to a private buyer
If you sell your diamond ring to a private buyer, then you can just about guarantee you will achieve a higher price than if you sell it to a business. This is because most people don’t really understand the dollar value of jewellery or the current market price and tend to buy with their emotions.

The problem is trying to find a private buyer for your diamond ring. You can advertise your jewellery on EBay or some of the other websites designed for selling second hand items, but many people who pose as private buyers are actually dealers trying to find bargains online. The end result is that it can take quite a while to find a private buyer who will give you your asking price and in the end you might still have to sell to a dealer.

Selling your white gold diamond ring to a dealer
If you sell your diamond rings to a business, such as a diamond dealer, a pawnshop or a jewellery store, they will most likely pay you less than the market value of your ring, which is most probably not the price you have in your head. This is because a business doesn’t bring emotion into the selling or buying process and will only give you a price which benefits them, when they resell your ring. The upside is that a business will buy your diamond engagement ring right then and there and give you the cash in your hand.

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