Rhodium Plating in Brisbane – Ashley Douglas Designer Jewellers

As specialised designer jewellers in Brisbane, Ashley Douglas offers a same day Rhodium plating service for all types of jewellery, including white gold engagement rings and white gold wedding rings, diamond set Tennis bracelets, diamond earrings & pendants and more.

Updating your old jewellery with rhodium plating

We can also plate your yellow gold jewellery, if you want to change the colour of your jewellery without going through a full re-make of the piece. Often this is done as a pre-curser to remodelling older pieces of jewellery, as it gives our clients an idea of what the new piece will look like before committing to the process.

Rhodium plating is done from our on-site Brisbane jewellery workshop and includes a clean, polish and gem security check.

Ashley Douglas Jewellers - Rhodium plating