Rhodium plating

Updating your old jewellery with rhodium plating

Along with replating rhodium coated jewellery, the qualified jewellers at Ashley Douglas can also plate your yellow gold jewellery if you would like to change the colour of your engagement ring or wedding band without going through a full remake of the piece. This is often done as a precursor to remodelling older or vintage pieces of jewellery, as it gives our clients an idea of what the new piece will look like before committing to the process.

Why rhodium plate your jewellery?

While rhodium is too delicate to be made into engagement rings, chains, pendants and other items, it is used extensively by jewellers as plating to make jewellery brighter. Rhodium imbues a brilliant and luxurious white shine to diamond engagement rings.

How long does rhodium plate last and how much does it cost?

Rhodium plated jewellery needs to be replated after 3 months to a year, depending on the item and how often it is worn. Engagement and wedding rings replating starts from $65.

All rhodium plating is done onsite at our Brisbane Arcade jewellery workshop and includes a clean, polish and gem security check. If you have any questions about our rhodium plating service, please contact the jewellers at Ashley Douglas by calling (07) 3012 8112.