The dos and don’ts of looking after engagement rings

silver ring

You have most probably spent weeks or even months searching through all the engagement rings in Brisbane looking for the one ring that perfectly represents your love for one another. That being said, the last thing you want to happen is for your new ring to lose its sparkle and begin to look dull and lacklustre after just a few months.

Unfortunately, and with our busy lives in Brisbane, we tend to forget our engagement rings and they stay on our fingers when we change a tyre, go swimming, take a shower and even dig the garden. The question that needs answering is – how do women keep their beautiful, sparkling engagement rings looking as fabulous as the day the ring was first placed on their finger?

So, for all the women in Brisbane, here are four tips for making sure that your engagement ring is always kept safe and beautiful for many years into the future.

  • Do keep your rings clean: All jewellery needs to be kept clean and for many pieces, the home cleaning kits are more than suitable. However, we always recommend that in Brisbane, engagement rings are expertly cleaned by trained technicians who know how to protect your precious ring during the cleaning process.
  • Do stay away from chemicals: Brisbane ladies who leave their engagement rings on their fingers when they use bleach or other harsh chemicals are asking for trouble. This is particularly true for rings with precious gems, for example sapphires or emeralds, as these porous stones can quickly become dull and lose their sparkle. Always wear protective gloves or take your ring off in these situations.
  • Don’t always wear your ring: Even though ladies rarely want to remove their beautiful engagement rings, it’s always wise to remove them to prevent the stones or settings from becoming damaged or scratched. Consider leaving your engagement ring in a safe place if you are going to the gym, spa, beach or local pool.
  • Don’t forget annual check-ups: Once a year, engagement rings benefit from a maintenance check by a trained specialist in Brisbane. It’s very important to keep the settings nice and tight to prevent losing the diamonds or other precious gems, because over time these settings will loosen; we have seen many ladies who have experienced losing a diamond from their engagement ring, because they didn’t check the settings often enough.

If you’re searching for engagement rings in Brisbane or you would like a maintenance check on your engagement ring, why not make an appointment to see us at our Brisbane CBD jewellery studio?