Bespoke diamond engagement rings

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Ashley Douglas Jewellers are makers of fine custom jewellery, and we specialise in bespoke diamond engagement rings. In Brisbane, many of our clients want their engagement rings to dazzle their fingers with diamonds, but with such an endless variety of choices available, where do you start?

After all, you need to decide on the size and cut of your diamonds, whether you want just one central stone or one stone surrounded by an array of other diamonds, and you can even have the band covered in sparkling diamonds as well.

For those of you who are ready to purchase your diamond engagement rings, let’s take a look at some of our more popular designs to give you inspiration and clarity in the wonderful world of stunning diamonds.

Bespoke cut diamond engagement rings

At our studio In Brisbane, we meet with many people who are looking for something a little bit different. They recognise our reputation for designing unique custom jewellery and tend to select a bespoke cut diamond, such as an oval or pear shape, even an emerald or princess cut, rather than the more traditional round cut diamonds.

Round cut diamonds tend to be more expensive, because more of the actual diamond has to be cut away to create the perfect round presentation. So a bespoke cut diamond is not only more unique, but can also be less expensive, compared to more traditional cuts.

Diamonds as a central focal point

Another more recent trend we have noticed in diamond engagement rings with our Brisbane clients is to buck the system and have a setting without a centre diamond. These non-traditional engagement ring settings have a dazzling mass of smaller diamonds, which are perfect for ladies who find that one large diamond is a cumbersome problem in their daily lives.

You can also go in the complete opposite direction and design an engagement ring with a large central Hollywood style diamond – think of Kim Kardashian’s ring – this type of high-end custom jewellery is perfect for ladies who live for their bling! However, if you can’t quite afford the 15 carat diamond of Kim Kardashian, then you can make a more modest diamond look larger by having smaller diamonds set into the band.

So why not make an appointment to see us and view our collection of bespoke diamond engagements rings in our Brisbane studio?