Redesigning your wedding and engagement rings in Brisbane


Has your partner been secretly searching for engagement rings in Brisbane? Whilst wanting to surprise you with an engagement ring is really romantic, the flip side is that you might end up with a ring that isn’t your cup of tea!

In Brisbane, wedding rings can also be a problem, because many are bought when the budget is low and our clients bring them in for a makeover when they have more money. The good thing about designer jewellery however, is that you can make changes to the design when either your needs change or your budget allows.

Just remember that if you really don’t like your engagement or wedding rings, your partner has most probably spent days or weeks searching for the perfect rings – so go gentle on them when you discuss making changes to your rings.

Tips on altering your wedding and engagement rings

At our Design Studio in Brisbane, we are often called upon to make changes to both engagement rings and wedding rings, so if you are in the same boat, here are a few design inspirations that may help you through the process.

For example, we can change the profile of the band from a flat profile to a sharper profile or we can even soften the profile if you prefer to give the band a more delicate look. We can also adjust the height of the setting if you find that it will be too high and might catch on your clothes or be a problem at work. We can also add diamond accents to your designer jewellery in Brisbane, for example by switching the band to one that has diamond accents, so that you can keep the original centre diamond.

We can also add two more diamonds to a centre diamond to give you a three stone ring setting, replace the centre diamond with a larger size diamond or add a halo to the centre stone. There are so many different options for you if you find that your engagement or wedding rings are not quite right for you.

Why not make an appointment to see us at our Brisbane Designer Studio and we can chat about your options?