Ring sizing guide

When it comes to measuring your finger there a few tips that can help calculate an accurate finger size if you are buying our engagement or wedding rings online.

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When it comes to measuring your finger there a few tips that can help calculate an accurate finger size if you are buying our engagement or wedding rings online. We do our best to calculate these for you, but it should be noted that inches to millimetres do not match up perfectly so it’s a very close estimate.

For sizing our designer jewellery, wedding rings and engagement rings in Brisbane, we use the “Wheatsheaf” (Alphabetical) measuring system in our workshop, which is used by England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. America and Canada use the numerical system measured by numbers (in inches). Below is a chart that will convert both measurements to either the Weatsheaf (alphabetical) or US/Canada (numerical) system of measure.

When you download our printable ring sizer, you will find it so much easier to select the perfect size for your wedding rings, engagement rings and your designer jewellery. In Brisbane, you can visit our Designer Studio in the Brisbane Mall, where we will ensure that your new ring fits perfectly. For our online customers however, you will find that our downloadable ring sizer solves your problem.

To find out your size, download and print this PDF, and follow the instructions.

Ring size conversion chart

Inside Diameter (inches) ID (in)Inside Diameter (mm) ID (mm)Inside Circumference (inches) IC (in)Inside Circumference (mm) IC (mm)Number Sizes (US/Canada) US SizeWheat Sheaf (British/Irish/Aus/NZ) AU Size
0.48212.21.51338.43/4A 1/2
0.49812.61.56439.71 1/4B 1/2
0.50612.91.58940.41 1/2C
0.51413.11.61441.01 3/4C 1/2
0.53013.51.66442.32 1/4D 1/2
0.53813.71.68942.92 1/2E
0.54613.91.71443.52 3/4E 1/2
0.56214.31.76544.83 1/4F 1/2
0.57014.51.79045.53 1/2G
0.57814.71.81546.13 3/4G 1/2
0.59415.11.86547.44 1/4H 1/2
0.60215.31.89048.04 1/2I
0.61015.51.91548.74 3/4J
0.61815.71.94149.35J 1/2
0.62615.91.96649.95 1/4K
0.63416.11.99150.65 1/2K 1/2
0.64216.32.01651.25 3/4L
0.65016.52.04151.86L 1/2
0.65816.72.06652.56 1/4M
0.66616.92.09153.16 1/2M 1/2
0.67417.12.11653.86 3/4N
0.68217.32.14154.47N 1/2
0.69017.52.16755.07 1/4O
0.69817.72.19255.77 1/2O 1/2
0.70617.92.21756.37 3/4P
0.71418.12.24256.98P 1/2
0.72218.32.26757.68 1/4Q
0.73018.52.29258.28 1/2Q 1/2
0.73818.72.31758.98 3/4R
0.74618.92.34259.59R 1/2
0.75419.22.36860.19 1/4S
0.76219.42.39360.89 1/2S 1/2
0.77019.62.41861.49 3/4T
0.77819.82.44362.110T 1/2
0.78620.02.46862.710 1/4U
0.79420.22.49363.310 1/2U 1/2
0.80220.42.51864.010 3/4V
0.81020.62.54364.611V 1/2
0.81820.82.56965.211 1/4W
0.82621.02.59465.911 1/2W 1/2
0.83421.22.61966.511 3/4X
0.84221.42.64467.212X 1/2
0.85021.62.66967.812 1/4Y
0.85821.82.69468.412 1/2Z
0.86622.02.71969.112 3/4Z 1/2
0.88222.42.76970.313 1/4Z1
0.89022.62.79571.013 1/2 
0.89822.82.82071.613 3/4Z2
0.91423.22.87072.914 1/4 
0.92223.42.89573.514 1/2Z4
0.93023.62.92074.214 3/4 
0.94624.02.97075.415 1/4 
0.95424.22.99676.115 1/2 
0.96224.43.02176.715 3/4