How to select the right band for your diamond rings in Brisbane

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In Brisbane, selecting the best band for your diamond rings, particularly for engagement and diamond wedding rings can be time consuming, even though there are only three general categories of bands. This is because there are lots of options and customisations available, which is why an expert in jewellery design can be invaluable in helping you to pick the right band for your rings. So let’s take a look at some of the bands you can choose for your diamond rings in Brisbane.

Paved bands for diamond wedding rings

A paved band is covered by very small diamonds that are set so close together that the band looks as if it’s actually paved with diamonds. If you want a wedding ring that looks stunning and glitters whenever you move your fingers, then a paved band ticks all the boxes. A paved band is a long-term favourite for diamond rings in Brisbane and is available in either a thin, medium or thick band with the corresponding size diamonds, as well as a bright cut setting or a fishtail setting. The bright cut setting has prongs on either side of the diamonds with a slim border of metal along the sides, whereas a fishtail setting cuts away this slim border, giving a more streamlined look to your diamond wedding rings.

Multi-row bands for diamond rings

A multi-row band has a row of diamonds on all three sides of the band, giving you maximum sparkle. Again, you can choose from a thin, medium or thick band, but these bands will be thicker than those for a paved band, simply because of the extra room needed for all the diamonds. Multi-row bands give you the option of including different sized diamonds running down the bands as well, and are one of our trending jewellery designs in Brisbane this year.

Bezel bands for your diamond rings

A bezel band is very sleek and minimalist in appearance and is a popular and distinctive jewellery design in Brisbane. This band has a circular metal setting that surrounds the large centre diamonds (either a single diamond or multiple large diamonds), each with their own girdle of metal. Bezel bands are ideal for engagement rings or designer diamond rings when ladies want a small and delicate looking ring.

For professional jewellery design in Brisbane or for help selecting the band for your diamond wedding rings, why not make an appointment to see us at our Design Studio?