The five most popular engagement rings in Brisbane

silver ring

When you’re ready to propose to your girlfriend, it’s time to start researching engagement rings in Brisbane, ensuring that you select the perfect ring for the occasion. However, once your girlfriend has said ‘yes’, you will need to select matching wedding rings for your big day as well. This won’t be a problem because you can discuss these with our specialist designers when you visit our design studio in Brisbane.

To help clarify your thoughts and give you an idea of the types of rings that are available on the market, here are the five most popular engagement rings that we sell in Brisbane.

Pear settings

Pear-shaped engagement rings have an oval and elongated diamond in the centre, shaped like a pear that are often called teardrop diamonds. This is a very striking and unusual setting that is both elegant and sophisticated and has lots of sparkle and brilliance. It is often desired by women who like to stand out in a crowd.

Oval settings

Similar to a round or emerald cut diamond setting, these rings have a large oval shaped diamond in the centre that is often encircled by smaller diamonds. This setting is very popular with women who like a more traditional engagement rings in Brisbane, but still want something a little different.

Marquise settings

Similar to the oval cut diamonds, a marquise cut is more boat-shaped than oval and is considered a vintage cut. This type of diamond cut can be worn as a solitaire or encircled by diamonds and tends to be appreciated by women who walk to the beat of their own drum, bucking trends and always on the lookout for unusual or unique items.

Emerald cut settings

This rectangular cut diamond has step-up faceting that exudes grace and class. This cut is not as popular as some of the other engagement rings in Brisbane, but this actually makes it less expensive and more affordable as well. This cut has a large central diamond and is perfect for women who don’t like fussy jewellery, instead preferring clean and modern settings.

Asscher cut settings

An Asscher cut is similar to an emerald cut diamond, but is square rather than rectangular with the same step-up faceting. These designs are loved by women who have an affinity with vintage jewellery and who appreciate sophistication and elegance over bling.

If you are looking for unique engagement and wedding rings in Brisbane, why not make an appointment to see us at our design studio in the CBD?