Why is Rhodium Plating Good for Your Jewellery?

In Brisbane, Rhodium plating is very popular and is used on a variety of different pieces of jewellery. The reason that rhodium plating is used so much is because when you spend your time and money on selecting a wonderful piece of jewellery, you want it to remain sparkling and fabulous forever.

The problem is that some types of precious metals can easily tarnish or scratch over time and so your jewellery loses its ‘new’ sparkly look and attractive quality. This is why plating your jewellery with rhodium is so good, because it helps to keep your jewellery looking beautiful for much longer than normal.

The benefits of rhodium plating for your jewellery
Rhodium plating is used on silver, platinum and white gold jewellery because it gives these pieces an added layer of protection. Rhodium itself is a rare, precious metal, so rare in fact that it usually costs more than gold.

This precious metal is very strong and durable and it is highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. Its strength and protective qualities are the main reasons why rhodium plating in Brisbane is so popular, but there is also another reason as well. This reason is that rhodium has a natural high reflective quality, so it never loses its shine or sparkle.

Coating your white metal jewellery with rhodium will help to keep your jewellery looking brand new and sparkling forever.

Are there any disadvantages to rhodium plating?
There are no disadvantages to plating your jewellery with rhodium, the only factor you do need to keep in mind is that this plating does not last forever. You will need to have the plating renewed as it does wear away over time and the reason it wears away is because it is only a coating over your jewellery.

The thickness of the plating and how often you wear the jewellery will dictate how often you need your jewellery replated. High quality jewellers usually use a thickness of between 0.75 and 1.50 microns, giving you a few years of wear before replating is required. Some jewellers use plating which is less than 0.75 microns, but this can wear off in literally months and can make your cheaper jewellery very expensive in the long run. So always be sure to go to a high quality jeweller for your rhodium plating in Brisbane.