Insurance valuations

Trusted Registered Valuers

Ashley Douglas offer a valuation service for existing clients who have purchased their Jewellery through us and clients who have purchased their Jewellery elsewhere. If you have inherited Jewellery it is a good idea to have it properly identified and valued. Items that can be valued are all types of precious Jewellery, Watches, Clocks and more. To find out more please contact us on 30128112 or email

We use only REGISTERED VALUERS who belong to the National Council of Jewellery Valuers, who follow strict guidelines for markups and are required to maintain a certain level of expertise through yearly seminars, lectures and courses.

Cost of Valuations are $100 per item
Turnaround time is usually 1-2 business days but this may vary.

We highly recommend to book an appointment to ensure you don’t wait longer than necessary.