Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

A marquise cut diamond features 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends. And its traditional, long, narrow shape looks stunning on a ring finger, often credited for making a finger appear longer and more slender. Often named Best Engagement Ring, our marquise cut engagement rings continue to be a popular choice.
Marquise Cut Engagement Ring by Ashley Douglas Master Jeweller

What should I look for when buying a marquise shape engagement ring?

Marquise diamonds, although they can be used in other pieces of jewellery, they are most commonly placed in engagement ring settings. Here are a few things to know before purchasing a marquise cut diamond engagement ring.

Watch out for chips – The sharp ends of the marquise cut are often susceptible to chipping if not protected properly by the jewelry setting. 

Look for symmetry – The two points at the ends of a marquise diamond need to align perfectly with one another. The smallest imperfection of the symmetrical element of a marquise diamond will affect the balance of your ring when it is finally set.

Look for hints of colour – Because of their antique history and slender shape, many buyers might prefer marquise diamonds with a slight tint of color in them such as I-J graded diamonds, rather than colorless diamonds.

How can I buy a bespoke marquise engagement ring?

If you’re looking for something a little different, our unique marquise cut engagement rings are a stunning alternative to more traditional round-cut diamonds. When selecting your diamond, it’s important to choose the metal that is right for you and your style, as well as something that will protect your beautiful diamond. Find out more about selecting the best materials for your ring via our website or by speaking to our team of designers. 

Get your dream ring now, pay later

At Ashley Douglas, we have teamed up with ZipMoney to give you the opportunity to pay for your purchase over time with flexible, interest free payment plans. To find out more about how to get your dream marquise diamond ring today, take a look at the financial options available to you.

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