What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is used to give yellow gold a beautiful white sheen and a protective coating to safeguard against wear and tear. Many people prefer white gold to yellow gold, but the problem is that there is no real white gold, which is why we need to use rhodium plating.

In Brisbane, we use rhodium plating on silver, platinum and gold jewellery, because all of these precious metals can be easily scratched and dulled over time. Rhodium on the other hand, (which is also a precious metal) is more strong and durable than these softer metals, not only imbuing a protective layer, but also because rhodium never loses its beautiful shine.

When your jewellery is coated with a layer of rhodium plating, it will look sparkling and brand new for many years. The length of time the plating lasts is determined by how often you wear your jewellery. For example, a white gold wedding ring may lose its shine and sparkle in about 2 years, whilst a broach that is worn every now and again, might last for ten years or more without needing to be recoated.

What’s the cost of rhodium plating in Brisbane?

The cost depends on the thickness of the rhodium plating that is required. This is related to how much yellow there is in the metal of your jewellery and how often you wear the item. A thicker coating of rhodium will ensure that your jewellery looks beautiful, white and sparkly for longer and protects the precious metal of the item from wear and tear for longer.

We suggest that you select a thicker coating for items of jewellery that are worn often, as this reduces the frequency of rhodium plating that is required. As rhodium is a precious metal itself and is quite rare, it is actually more expensive than gold. This means that rhodium plating in Brisbane can hover around the $100 mark for small items of jewellery, depending on its thickness. Even though rhodium plating is an additional cost, it is actually less expensive to have a thicker coating less often, than a thinner coating more often.

For professional and high quality rhodium plating in Brisbane, please make an appointment to see us at our artisan gallery in the Brisbane Arcade.