Diamond certifications

Diamond Certifications for Diamond Jewellery & Diamond Rings in Brisbane

For all of our custom designs you have the opportunity to purchase a a certified diamond.  Your diamond certification is usually performed by an independent Gemological laboratory, which analyses the diamond for a key set of factors that determine the overall precision of make and quality of the diamond. These factors are sometimes referred to as “The 4 C’s” — which refer to “Cut” “Clarity” “Carat” and “Colour” — but don’t make up all factors when grading a diamond to be set in an engagement or wedding ring.

To determine a diamond’s overall value, it’s necessary to include factors such as “Cut Grade” “Symmetry” “Polish” and “Fluorescence” in the assessment, as these factors also contribute to the appearance of a diamond and, therefore, its price. You can learn more about diamond grading here.

If you have any questions about purchasing a diamond from us that has been independently certified or are interested in the stunning diamond engagement and wedding rings our skilled jewellers design and craft in our Brisbane Arcade studio, please get in touch by calling (07) 3012 8112.

Diamond Certifications

Ashley Douglas Jewellers can offer two types of Diamond certifications for our clients with our custom jewellery design pieces.  

Gem Lab Certification

Firstly, majority of Loose Diamonds we import for custom made jewellery are GIA Certified. This is done by a regional GIA Office depending on the location we source the original loose diamond from there are other Diamond certification brands we use on occasion are IGI & HRD Antwerp.

GIA Diamond Certification

Established in 1931,GIA is the worlds foremost authority on diamonds.  In the 1940’s GIA developed the 4c’s and the trademarked international diamond grading system.  The GIA are the industry leader to this day worldwide for evaluating diamond quality.