What types of metals are available for wedding rings?

The metals available to designer jewellers in Brisbane for crafting handmade wedding rings varies, particularly for bespoke wedding rings. There is however, a core group of traditional metals that are generally available for use in designer jewellery in Brisbane, including 9ct (9k) yellow or white gold or 18ct (18k) yellow or white gold, as well as sterling silver and platinum.

How to select the best metal for your designer jewellery in Brisbane

One of the factors that is important when selecting the metal for your wedding rings is the hardness of the metal itself. Each metal has a different density, hardness and malleability and it is important to choose the correct metal for your wedding ring.

As one of the leading designer jewellers in Brisbane, we usually recommend selecting the same material for your wedding ring as used in the crafting of your engagement ring. This is because the two metals will sit next to one another on your finger, and on a daily basis will wear away at each other. The same metals in each ring will wear against one another evenly, whilst different metals with wear unevenly.

For example, if you were to wear a sterling silver ring beside a platinum ring, since platinum is harder than silver, the silver ring will be worn down by the platinum ring. However, if you were to wear an 18ct white gold ring alongside an 18ct yellow gold ring, the difference in density and hardness between these two metals, is a lot less. This is because the same quantity of fine gold exists in each ring (750/1000) it is just the alloy that is different, so the wearing is much more even.
If you are considering purchasing wedding bands in the near future, we recommend speaking with our highly qualified designer jewellers in Brisbane, as they can discuss the finer details of selecting the correct metal for your wedding ring.

As an aside, one of the current trends concerning designer jewellery in Brisbane involves couples purchasing palladium wedding rings. Unfortunately, as this metal is very soft it is usually used as an alloy alongside other metals, and it is this softness that makes it unsuitable as a standalone metal in wedding rings. We therefore recommend that you do not use this metal for your wedding rings.

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