Trends in Jewellery Design

Just as fashions change each year, there are also trends in jewellery design in Brisbane every year. These trends don’t change the popularity of rings, necklaces and bracelets, they change how they look and how they are worn. So let’s take a look at some of the popular trends in Brisbane jewellery design this year.

Trending Jewellery design in Brisbane

If you want to be on trend with your jewellery this year, then you need to revamp the more traditional view of jewellery and take note of the following trends.

Jewellery Stacking

Whether it is necklaces or rings, the trend of stacking is becoming more and more popular. No longer is it only appropriate to wear one ring on a finger or just one necklace, now you can wear multiple rings on the same finger and lots of different necklaces all at once.

Different metals

Traditionally, if you wear a rose gold ring, you also wear the same necklace and bracelet – wearing mismatched metals was so gauche! Now however, anything goes and there is an increasing trend in Brisbane jewellery design circles for wearing different types of metals all at once. So ferret out all of your favourite pieces and if they are made from different metals, you will be right on trend.

Coloured diamonds

Some people have always believed that white diamonds are the most popular, but jewellery design in Brisbane has seen a significant uptick in different coloured diamonds being used in custom pieces. Yellows, pinks and champagne diamonds are being increasingly used in customised jewellery designs in Brisbane, so keep your eye on this trend and consider coloured diamonds for your next purchase.

The humble wrist watch
With the massive increase in smart phones, wristwatches were relegated to the back closet, but no anymore! The humble wristwatch is making a comeback and the designs to watch for (no pun intended!) are retro designs with large watch faces. Watches can make a real fashion statement and it is great to see them making a resurgence in the market.

So if you want to keep on trend with all of the changes in Brisbane jewellery design, pop into Ashely Douglas in the Brisbane Arcade and check out all of their fabulous custom designs.