Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Imagine a diamond that combines the dazzle of a round brilliant with a contemporary twist. That’s the essence of a princess cut diamond ring. It’s a star in the world of diamond shapes, known for its square angles and sparkling facets.

Discover the epitome of sophistication at Ashley Douglas as you craft your dream princess cut diamond ring

Imagine a heartfelt proposal, a gasp of astonishment and the luminous display of a meticulously crafted princess cut diamond ring. This is the enchantment we create — each ring we create tells a unique story, and yours should be nothing short of exceptional.

Within our Brisbane studio, skilled hands meticulously shape a princess-cut diamond ring that captivates your imagination. Some of our princess cut styles include Solitaire, Halo, Trilogy and more. All of these styles can be customised to suit the diamond you select.  More than just jewellery, each piece embodies a profound symbol and a commitment to a lasting promise.

Ready to explore the possibilities for your custom princess cut diamond ring? Contact our team at Ashley Douglas, and let us transform your vision into reality. Your hunt for the perfect princess cut diamond ring ends here.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring by Ashley Douglas Master Jeweller

Ashley Douglas offers a range of beautiful cushion cut engagement rings in Brisbane from our family-run jewellery store. We create beautiful engagement rings that are handcrafted and made to last, and our services include making bespoke and custom-designed rings in our Australian studio. We make things to last, not for a price.