What’s been trending in engagement rings?

silver ring

In Brisbane, engagement rings tend to have trends, some styles gaining popularity for a few months and then out of the blue and for no particular reason, we find that another style starts to take off instead. We have looked at the trends for engagement rings in Brisbane at our design studio this year and here are the top five most popular styles and settings.

1. Nature designs

This trend involves settings that evoke the beauty of nature with leaves, vines or buds woven into the band with a number of diamonds as the ‘buds’, but we are increasingly seeing colourful gemstones being requested instead of diamonds. These colourful rings are one of the hottest trends for engagement rings in Brisbane right now!

2. Halo designs

These beautiful and delicate rings feature a traditional round central diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller sparkling diamonds and they are very popular with ladies who like vintage style engagement rings. In Brisbane, we often customise these rings to give our clients a unique setting that suits their style and their personality.

3. Geometric designs

Whilst some ladies prefer a traditional or vintage setting, others love the modern geometric styles that are sleek, modern and contemporary. The most popular of these geometric designs have a central diamond cut into a hexagonal shape, surrounded by a very narrow row of stunning diamonds, matched with a superb golden band.

4. Gemstone designs

A very modern trend for engagement rings in Brisbane that is gaining momentum is to have sapphires or emeralds instead of diamonds in the settings. Matched with rose gold (which is also another popular trend), these colourful, modern and very beautiful rings create a stunning impact and are popular with younger ladies.

5. Art Deco or vintage rings

Always popular, Art Deco or vintage rings trend up and down and we have recently seen an increased demand for vintage engagement rings. Brisbane ladies are very discerning in their choice of rings and the Art Deco or vintage rings seem to resonate with their personalities. This style of ring isn’t for the faint hearted however, because they offer serious bling and only ladies with charisma can pull it off!

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