Selecting Gemstones For Custom Jewellery Pieces

At Ashley Douglas we have been working with a select few suppliers which we have built a long lasting business relationship with over the years.

Working with these suppliers ensures we only purchase top quality gem stones and diamonds to set into our custom designs such as engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond dress rings and other bespoke creations.

Are you after a particular gemstone? In the comfort of our Brisbane studio we have a range of gemstones in stock to show you and help you design the perfect piece of jewellery that is best suited to that particular gemstone.

Something to consider when designing a piece of jewellery with a certain gemstone is where on the body it is going to be worn. Certain gemstones like sapphire or rubies are harder than other stones and can be made into a wide variety of pieces.  However, softer stones, like kunzite, pink morganite or natural emerald, will not take the same amount of wear and tear and need to be made in a way to protect the stone from breakage.

Can't decide which Gemstone?

If you have any questions about selecting the best gemstones for your designer jewellery, the team at Ashley Douglas in Brisbane are more than happy to sit down with you and answer all your questions. Contact us today by phone on (07) 3012 8112, send us an email or visit our workshop in the heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade on the Queen Street Mall.

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