Radiant & Asscher Cut Styles Engagement Rings

Radiant & Asscher cut styles including Solitaire, Halo, Trilogy and more. As one of the more recent cuts of diamonds, radiant cut engagement rings have gained popularity over the past twenty years for their stylish combination of striking lines and gentle corners. Similar in shape, Asscher cut engagement rings are loved for their rounded-cornered square cuts and their unique layered facets. Offering both custom-made radiant cut diamond rings and Asscher engagement rings, Ashley Douglas is proud to be one of Brisbane’s most experienced and qualified jewellers — with over 70 years of collective experience in the industry. For more information about radiant and Asscher cut engagement rings, read the most frequently asked questions about these cuts below.


Inspired by the distinct charm of radiant and Asscher cut engagement rings? Ashley Douglas is your go-to for these exquisite symbols of commitment, where timeless elegance meets contemporary design.

Whether you’re enamoured by the radiant cut diamond ring’s dazzling brilliance or the Asscher’s vintage grace, our skilled team is here to guide you in crafting your dream ring. With over seven decades of expertise and passion for creating markers of milestones, we ensure your piece is as unique as your love story.

In addition to personalised design consultations, we offer a comprehensive understanding of diamond quality, ensuring that your choice not only captivates the eye but also represents the best value and ethical sourcing. Our commitment extends beyond the creation of your ring. We also provide care advice and services to maintain the splendour of your Ashley Douglas piece for years to come.

Questions or ready to start crafting your ideal engagement ring? Reach out to us today, and let Ashley Douglas turn your vision into reality.

Radiant & Ascher Cut Engagement Ring by Ashley Douglas Master Jeweller

What is a radiant cut diamond?

Combining the brilliance of round cut diamonds with the clarity of rectangular or emerald cuts, radiant cut diamond rings produce some of the brightest shines of all diamond cuts. With 70 facets to maximise light reflection and refraction, radiant cut engagement rings are a truly dazzling cut.

Why are radiant engagement rings popular?

Due to the 70 facets found in its crown and pavilion and the symmetry of the shape, radiant cut engagement rings sparkle with brilliance — making them an excellent engagement ring choice. In addition to its bright shine, the bevelled corners of radiant cut diamond engagement rings make them durable and resistant to chips and breakage, which make them popular with those who prefer to wear multiple rings and those with an active lifestyle.

What is an Asscher cut diamond?

Octagonally shaped with each of its four sides cropped, Asscher cut engagement rings emphasise the clarity of high-quality diamonds and create a sort of endless hall of mirrors effect. The Asscher cut was designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher and became synonymous with the roaring 20s until recently becoming popular again in the 2000s for its unparalleled brilliance.

Why should I choose an Asscher cut engagement ring?

When matched with the right stone, Asscher cut engagement rings exude a luminous presence with quiet elegance. For those who love the Art Deco style or have an appreciation for vintage beauty, Asscher engagement rings are the perfect ring for you. Rich in history and cut to allow a large amount of light to enter the stone and give off bright flashes, Asscher cuts are clean and classy.

What is the process of having unique radiant cut engagement rings or Asscher cut engagement rings designed at Ashley Douglas?

From discussing the ring of your dreams to helping you decide on the most appropriate cut, carat and materials for your budget, the team at Ashley Douglas will work with you every step of the way. Based on your description and vision, we will design a completely bespoke radiant cut engagement ring or Asscher cut ring for your approval. With your blessing, our expert jewellers will bring your vision to life using only the finest quality stones and materials. 

For more information about our custom-made rings or to organise an appointment with a jeweller, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the best Asscher and radiant cut engagement rings in Brisbane.

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