Palladium jewellery material

Using Palladium in Jewellery With the same colour as platinum, palladium is hypoallergenic, so it’s often the perfect solution for clients who want a white metal but are looking for something other than gold or silver. Palladium is also incredibly tarnish-resistant — with its whiteness seemingly lasting forever — which means there is generally no need for rhodium plating to provide […]


gold jewellery material

Quick tips on gold from the leading designer jewellers in Brisbane To produce white gold, a combination of either silver, platinum, palladium, nickel or zinc will be added. White gold engagement rings are a popular choice. It’s also used in matching custom ladies wedding rings and men’s wedding rings. For pink or rose gold, copper is added to […]


Gemstones jewellery material

Selecting gemstones for custom jewellery pieces At Ashley Douglas we have been working with a select few suppliers which we have built a long lasting business relationship with over the years. Working with these suppliers ensures we only purchase top quality gem stones and diamonds to set into our custom designs such as engagement rings, […]


Diamonds jewellery material

Diamond Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings We design and craft diamond wedding rings for ladies, diamond wedding rings for men, and diamond engagement rings. To help you select the best diamonds for your custom jewellery, we have included some information about diamonds below, however, if you want to know more about diamonds, please do not hesitate to contact […]

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Jewellery Material

Handcrafted silver pieces from the leading designer jewellers in Brisbane Like other white metals, including platinum and palladium, fine silver is fairly resistant to tarnishing, but when alloyed with other metals, normally copper, it can react with oxygen. Other white metals can be used in the alloy (at extra cost), which will improve resistance to scratching, tarnishing and […]