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Recreating Celebrity Designer Jewellery in Brisbane

When it comes to inspiration for designer jewellery in Brisbane, you can’t go far wrong with looking to the celebrities. You don’t have to copy their designs exactly, because some of these rings cost a small fortune, but you can achieve the same style and look to both your wedding and engagement rings within your […]

How to choose the best designer jewellery company in Brisbane

When you are looking for designer jewellery in Brisbane, whether for wedding rings or engagement rings, there are lots of options, so how do you make the right decision? After all, you can walk around a dozen different jewellery stores and find similar looking pieces for vastly different prices. Well, for most jewellery items in […]

Why do some white gold engagement rings in Brisbane turn yellow?

Have you purchased engagement rings or designer jewellery in Brisbane and noticed that they have turned yellow fairly quickly? Maybe over the last one to two years? This is a common problem and most of our customers are concerned at one time or another about their designer jewellery or their engagement and wedding rings turning […]

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