We recommend when buying a diamond to ensure it comes with an independent diamond certificate but don’t simply rely on this alone. There are many factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a loose or mounted diamond and although sighting a diamond certificate can help to ensure authenticity and quality, there are many factors at play which can determine the overall value of a diamond beyond your  4 C’s.  These are things like “cut grade”  “Symmetry”  “Polish” and “Fluorescence” It is also important where the inclusions are situated in the diamond and what type of inclusion they are as this will have an effect on the diamonds appearance and also effects the price.  Depending on the level of knowledge the Jeweller or Salesperson has they may also be able to educate you and show you the symmetry and cut grading of the stone which is just as important as the colour and clarity. If a stone is inferior in it’s manufacturing processes it will not be a scintillating diamond and can appear dull.