Halo Rings And Birthstones

What Are Halo Style Rings & Birthstones A halo ring is a very popular setting for engagement rings in Brisbane, because it has a large central diamond, surrounded by an entire circle of smaller sparkly diamonds. You can also have the diamonds embedded into the band of the ring as well – if you really want […]

Ethical and Conflict-Free Engagement Rings

Many people are at odds with the thought of wearing engagement and wedding rings that support conflicts, unsafe work practices, inequality and child labour, and why wouldn’t they be? If you care about how the ring that symbolises your love for one another is produced, conflict and cruelty-free man made diamonds are the perfect choice […]

Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

Shopping for an engagement ring as unique, timeless and guilt-free as your love for one another? An eco-friendly engagement ring may be the perfect symbol of your love as well as the ideals and values you both share. Synthetic diamond engagement rings are relatively new here in Australia, but they’re proving immensely popular among couples […]