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Ashley Douglas are specialist custom designers of fine jewellery, including dress rings, wedding rings and engagement rings in Brisbane.

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Bespoke diamond engagement rings

Ashley Douglas Jewellers are makers of fine custom jewellery, and we specialise in bespoke diamond engagement rings. In Brisbane, many of our clients want their engagement rings to dazzle their fingers with diamonds, but with such an endless variety of choices available, where do you start? After all, you need to decide on the size […]

Same day rhodium plating & resizing services for diamond wedding rings in Brisbane

At Ashley Douglas in Brisbane, we understand that sometimes you want a same day service, however this is not always possible, due to the complexity of the design. Many custom jewellery requests require days to perfect the design and then a number of days or even weeks to finally complete the project. This means that […]

Is your birthday in June? Find out about your birthstone!

Anyone born in June will know that their birthstone is the pearl, a symbol of purity since the times of the ancient Greeks and most probably, even further back into history. In fact, the Greeks so adored these lustrous globes of iridescence that they believed they were tears of joy, spilled from the eyes of […]

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