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How long does rhodium plating last?

In our Brisbane studio, we often coat our diamond engagement rings with Rhodium plating, which is a process that gives a lovely bright, white lustre to yellow gold. Rhodium is one of the most expensive of the precious metals, belonging to the Platinum group and it is very rare. The process of Rhodium plating is […]

What types of metals are available for wedding rings?

The metals available to designer jewellers in Brisbane for crafting handmade wedding rings varies, particularly for bespoke wedding rings. There is however, a core group of traditional metals that are generally available for use in designer jewellery in Brisbane, including 9ct (9k) yellow or white gold or 18ct (18k) yellow or white gold, as well […]

How long does it take to repair jewellery?

As designer jewellers in Brisbane, we have many customers who ask us to repair their jewellery. Sometimes the jewellery has simply broken for a variety of reasons and other times, they have lost a diamond or other precious stone, because the settings have become loose. Our customers are often surprised to learn that it can […]

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