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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

The Pear Cut diamond also known as the Teardrop has origins dating back to the mid 15th century. It is a blend of Marquise and Oval cuts with one rounded end and a pointed tip at the other.

A very eye catching shape due to its dainty feminine appeal. The Pear cut is a versatile style and can be used in contemporary, modern, art deco and vintage pieces.

Because of its asymmetrical shape the pear cut is especially well suited for pendants and earrings or creates that spectacular unique engagement ring.

At Ashley Douglas, we offer a wide range of pear cut engagement rings for those who want a unique style with feminine appeal. Ashley Douglas is a family owned jewellery business specialising in custom jewellery design and manufacturing. With over 52 years experience in diamond setting in the family the pear cut engagement ring designs are one of our most created as the diamond shape is so versatile it can be used in contemporary, modern, art deco and vintage designs.

Pear cut shape engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their eye-catching shape which has dainty feminine appeal and is a symphony of scintillation. Find out more about the pear cut engagement ring below and browse our range to find your perfect ring. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need help choosing one of our pear cut engagement rings in Brisbane.

What is a pear cut diamond?

The pear cut, sometimes known as a teardrop, is a stunning combination of marquise and oval cut diamonds with 1 rounded end and a pointed tip at the other. There’s also a variation known as a pendeloque, which is a longer version with a sharper point. Pear cut shape engagement rings can be done in contemporary, modern, vintage or art deco designs as the diamond is a very versatile style due to its dainty feminine appeal.

When was the pear cut invented?

The first person to cut a pear shaped diamond was Lodewyk van Bercken, who invented the cut in Belgium in the early 1400s. Not only did he invent the pear cut, but he also invented the modern placement of facets, and discovered the importance of symmetry in the facets when cutting these shapes for the most beautiful light reflection.

Will a pear cut diamond ring be more expensive?

A pear cut diamond ring can offer excellent value for money when compared to cuts such as a round or princess cut diamond ring. This is because the diamond has a larger surface area, so if you put a round cut diamond and a pear cut diamond of the same carat weight next to each other, the pear cut will appear to be slightly larger.

What should I look out for when choosing a pear cut diamond?

When you’re looking for pear cut diamond engagement rings, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, the carat weight. If you want unique pear cut engagement rings that have an obvious pear shape, then you will need 0.5 carats or more. Anything smaller, and the shape will be difficult to make out. Symmetry is also important; you’ll want a shape that has been evenly cut on both sides to make the perfect pear.  Look at the length to width ratio of the diamond. Some people prefer a longer length, as it can help elongate their finger, while others prefer a bottom-heavy diamond for a rounder look. Ashley Douglas has a team of expert jewellers who can help you pick the perfect diamond.

Can I have bespoke pear cut engagement rings made?

Ashley Douglas specialises in creating bespoke pear cut engagement rings. Check out our reviews, and you’ll see the many satisfied customers who’ve used our bespoke ring design service. Whether you have a particular ring in mind or would like us to help you through the customisation process, we can help. There are lots of ways to customise a pear cut ring, from adding a halo to creating a bridal set, and you can browse our site for design inspiration.