Heart shaped diamond centre styles.

Heart Shape Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a ring that truly shows your love for your partner, why not opt for a love heart engagement ring? Not only is the heart shape romantic, but it’s also unique and will make her engagement ring stand out from the crowd. If you want a ring that makes a bold style statement and has a fun, playful appeal, then one of our heart shape engagement rings might be right for you.

Ashley Douglas is an independent Brisbane jeweller who can create the perfect heart diamond ring just for you in our studio. Each ring is lovingly crafted and made to last, so your partner’s diamond ring can become a family heirloom. If you’re interested in letting us create your dream engagement ring, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss what you’re looking for.

What are heart shape engagement rings?

Heart shape engagement rings usually come in one of two styles. You can opt for a heart-shaped solitaire diamond, or you can choose a cluster ring with many smaller diamonds set into a heart shape. In general, the latter will be a less expensive option, as the heart shape is one of the rarer diamond cuts to obtain as a single diamond. However, Ashley Douglas offers a highly personal service, so can help create a heart-shaped ring to suit your budget.

Can I customise a heart diamond ring?

There are many ways to customise a heart diamond ring. When you buy a ring from Ashley Douglas, you can sit down with one of our qualified jewellers, who can discuss how your ring can be customised to suit your style. You can choose the materials you want to use, from romantic rose gold to contemporary white gold. You can even add accent round diamonds, or even some coloured diamonds if you’re looking for unique heart-shaped engagement rings.

Are heart shape diamond engagement rings popular?

Despite being seen on the fingers of some notable celebrities, heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are still quite rare. That makes them perfect for women who want something unique and different. Because there are limited styles available, if you’re looking for heart-shaped engagement rings in Brisbane, then you’ll probably want to get a bespoke one made, and Ashley Douglas can help with this. Take a look at some of the services we offer.

At Ashley Douglas, we also offer classic ring styles such as pear cut and princess cut engagement rings, if you’d prefer a more traditional look. And if you’re after something distinctive to stand out from the crowd, we also offer marquise cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, oval cut and cushion cut

Where can I find the best heart shape engagement rings?

You’ll no doubt want to choose from the best heart shape engagement rings when you’re planning a proposal and working with an independent jeweller who specialises in custom rings gives you just that. At Ashley Douglas, you can have bespoke heart shape engagement rings made, so you can choose everything from the design to the size of diamonds you want to be used, meaning you’re much more likely to be happy with the finished product. Read the reviews on our social pages and you’ll see many customers who’ve used our service to create their perfect ring.