Titanium – Ideal for Dress Jewellery & Diamond Rings in Brisbane

Titanium is strong. Aircraft grade titanium alloys are about 3 times stronger than basic steel and approximately 45% lighter.

Titanium is also bio compatible and completely neutral to the human body. It is frequently used in the medical field for surgical equipment and more radically, to replace heart valves and bones.

Why is Titanium perfect for diamond rings in Brisbane?

In recent times, Titainum has come to the attention of the jewellery industry. It’s strength, stability, low weight and bio-compatibility makes it an obvious choice in the production of fine jewellery. In addition to the functional benefits of this metal, the jewellery industry has come to appreciate titanium for its unique aesthetics.

A natural white metal with a smoky, charcoal grey hue, titanium is compelling in both classic stylings and contemporary pieces, such as diamond rings and engagement rings.

It is however important to consider carefully when purchasing Titanium wedding rings as the equipment used by jewellers is not capable of soldering or welding joins in Titanium. This means that once you purchase a Titanium wedding ring you cannot have your ring re-sized in the conventional manner.

There are some alternatives available, such as resizing clips, which fit on the inside of the band for making the ring smaller. And in some cases, dependent on the style of the wedder, you can stretch the ring slightly. In both cases these will only allow a change in size of up to two sizes.

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