Platinum is Perfect for Custom Jewellery in Brisbane

Used in a very pure form, platinum’s wear and tarnish resistance characteristics make this almost white metal particularly suited to fine jewellery.

Spoil yourself with platinum inspired custom jewellery in Brisbane

While platinum’s popularity is higher than ever, its value changes in line with its availability, but is normally around 200% the value of gold. This is one of the reasons why our craftsmen use platinum in high-end delicate work, where the luster and shine of this metal can be most appreciated. Platinum lends itself well to one-off designs of halo rings and engagement rings, but it can be crafted into earrings and pendants, and much more.

As designer jewellers with a reputation for fine, delicate and intricate craftsmanship, why not visit our design studio in the Brisbane Arcade to discuss how we can give you a unique piece of platinum jewellery for your special occasion?

The team at Ashley Douglas are able to answer all of your questions regarding the use of this material, prices and availability.Contact us today by phone, email or visit our workshop.

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