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As designer jewellers in Brisbane one of the most frequent metals we use in our jewellery designs is gold. This metal is the softest and most malleable of the precious metal family.

As a pure metal, it is too soft for most jewellery applications and must be alloyed with other metals to give it strength and durability.

Quick tips on gold from the leading designer jewellers in Brisbane

Fine gold is a very rich yellow, therefore to colour the gold, it has to become an alloy. That is the 24 carat, 100% gold, has other metals added to make it 18 carat or 9 carat coloured gold.

18 carat yellow gold can be made from 75% pure gold with 12.5% silver and 12.5% copper. 9 carat yellow gold may have 37.5% gold, 15% silver and 47.5% copper.

To produce white gold, a combination from either silver, platinum, palladium, nickel or zinc will be added. White gold is very popular in ladies wedding rings and men’s wedding rings.

For pink gold, copper is added to the mix of gold and white metals.

Rhodium plating is used to give white gold its beautiful sparkling colour and Ashley Douglas offers a same day service for rhodium plating. The length of time that rhodium plating lasts depends on a lot of factors, but generally it is between three months and one year.

Find out why Rhodium plating needs to be repeated over time

Ashley Douglas are designer jewellers in Brisbane and w are more than happy to answer all of your questions regarding the use of this material, prices and availability. Contact us today by phone, email or visit our workshop.

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