Select the perfect Gem Stones for your designer jewellery in Brisbane

Buying a semi-precious gem stone for your designer jewellery in Brisbane can be a minefield. With the advancement in technology in recent years even people in the jewellery industry, if not properly trained or exposed to these stones on a regular basis, can miss the characteristics of tampered or treated stones.

Tips on selecting gemstones for your designer jewellery in Brisbane

It is important to understand that although a gem stone may be natural in origin and not man-made or grown in a laboratory, it can still have had treatment done to it to enhance the colour and clarity of the stone. These can include having the inclusions in a stone filled with resins or glass, which give the appearance of a cleaner and brighter stone. Or laser treatment to remove carbon spots and impurities which in turn gives the impression of being a more valuable stone.

Other things that need to be considered when purchasing a gem stone for designer jewellery in Brisbane is where on the body it is going to be worn. Certain gems stones like sapphires or rubys are harder than other stones and can be made into a wide variety of pieces. Yet some of the more softer stones like kunzite, pink morganite or natural emerald will not take the same amount of wear and tear and need to be made in a way to protect the stone from breakage.

Do you want to use a particular gem stone for your wedding ring or engagement ring? We will sit with you to make sure that the design and type of your designer jewellery is best suited to that particular gem stone.

Ashley Douglas source our gem stones from a select few, which we have built a long and trusting business relationship with and to ensure we are getting quality gems from reputable suppliers.

We also recommend an individual valuation by an NCJV registered valuer to ensure the product is of the highest standard.

If you have any questions about selecting the best gem stones for your designer jewellery, the team at Ashley Douglas in Brisbane are able to answer all of your questions regarding the use of this material, prices and availability. Contact us today by phone, email or visit our workshop.

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