Trends in Diamond Rings in Brisbane

We all know that diamonds are forever, but there are trends in diamond rings in Brisbane, just as there are trends in fashion and hairstyles. Some settings for diamond engagement rings become very popular for a time and then they wane as other settings start to trend higher.

The same happens with precious metals, with white gold being very popular a few years ago, taking over from yellow gold which had remained popular for a long time. So let’s take a look at what settings and precious metals are trending today for diamond rings in Brisbane.

Rose gold is very popular for diamond rings in Brisbane
Rose gold is a metal that many people tend to think of as ‘old’, something their grandmothers used to wear. Rose gold has always seemed old-fashioned and has tended to trend behind both yellow and white gold as the preference for diamond rings. Well, all that has changed, because rose gold is now becoming much more popular and fashionable and is rapidly taking over from white gold, being seen as having a more vintage and warm feel than white gold.

Halo rings are the most popular setting for diamond engagement rings
Halo ring settings are very popular right now because they look absolutely fabulous and give you a lot of bang for your buck. This is because the Halo setting is one diamond (or other gem stone) in the centre surrounded by a host of other diamonds or precious stones. The design of the Halo setting makes it look as if the centre stone is much larger than it really is, so you can have a one carat setting looking more like one and a half or even two carats, simply because of the way the stones are set.

The new upcoming trend in diamond engagement rings is the Princess setting
Jewellers are seeing an uptick in Princess settings for diamond rings in Brisbane as this setting offers a very clean and angled approach to jewellery. The design is based on a perfect square cut diamond, which to keep its futuristic and streamlined design, is matched with a white gold band. The result is a stunning diamond ring which is quickly catching up with the Halo setting in popularity.

So if you are looking for jewellery in Brisbane, keep an eye open for Halo or Princess settings and rose gold bands.