Recreating Celebrity Designer Jewellery in Brisbane

When it comes to inspiration for designer jewellery in Brisbane, you can’t go far wrong with looking to the celebrities. You don’t have to copy their designs exactly, because some of these rings cost a small fortune, but you can achieve the same style and look to both your wedding and engagement rings within your own budget.

In Brisbane, at our Design Studio, customers often bring in photos of their favourite celebrity engagement rings, asking us to recreate a similar design for themselves. So to help give you some design inspiration for your own engagement or wedding rings in Brisbane, let’s take a look at three of the most famous celebrity engagement rings.

Examples of celebrity designer jewellery

If you have thought of an emerald cut diamond for your engagement ring, then you must have seen the 3 stone ring design featuring a 7ct emerald cut diamond that George Clooney gave to his wife Amal in 2014. Flanked by 2 tapered baguettes, this stunning designer jewellery is one of the classics and with a hint of art deco, will give you plenty of inspiration for your own engagement and wedding rings.

In Brisbane, another popular cut with our clients, which also heralds back to the art deco era is the Asscher cut diamond made famous by Pippa Middleton in 2017. Pippa’s fabulous 3 ct Asscher cut diamond is mounted in an art deco inspired channel set octagon halo design of magnificent round diamonds. If you are interested in an Asscher inspired diamond cut for your designer jewellery in Brisbane, why not drop into our Design Studio for a chat?

The third example of popular celebrity engagement rings in Brisbane are the Marquise cut diamonds, made famous by Victoria Beckham. This is an elegant cut featuring 58 sparkling facets and dates back to the 18th century. This cut was first commissioned by Louis XV who wanted a diamond that resembled the lips of his mistress, and without a doubt, the Marquise diamond cut does have this resemblance!

For romance and brilliance, you can’t go past the Marquise cut, however there are many more fabulous cuts of diamonds that are equally perfect for engagement and wedding rings. Why not make an appointment to see us at our Brisbane Design Studio and we can discuss your ideas?