How to choose the best designer jewellery company in Brisbane

When you are looking for designer jewellery in Brisbane, whether for wedding rings or engagement rings, there are lots of options, so how do you make the right decision? After all, you can walk around a dozen different jewellery stores and find similar looking pieces for vastly different prices.

Well, for most jewellery items in Brisbane, including wedding rings and engagement rings, you generally have two different types of buying options. These options are between the stores that sell jewellery designed for the mass market and jewellers who specialise in bespoke or customised jewellery.

Buying your Designer Jewellery from Mass Market Jewellery Stores in Brisbane

Without a doubt, wedding rings, engagement rings and other items of designer jewellery will be cheaper when purchased from jewellery stores in Brisbane that cater to the mass market. This is because they cut their costs as much as possible, usually by using as little gold, silver or other precious metals as possible in your jewellery. Unfortunately, this can shorten the life of your rings and make diamonds pop out of their settings easily.

Don’t forget that the diamonds in mass produced jewellery (including your diamond wedding rings and engagement rings) will have been bought in bulk lots. Each of these diamonds will have a different quality and the diamond in your ring was simply randomly selected, so it could be the best or the worst in the bulk lot.

The sales people are also not experts or jewellers themselves, as their purpose is to show you the jewellery in their cabinets and facilitate the sale.

Buying your Designer Jewellery from Bespoke Jewellers in Brisbane

A jeweller who specialises in custom made or bespoke jewellery is an expert, which is instantly recognisable the moment you walk into their design studio. There will be no untrained sales people behind a counter ready to make the sale, instead you will speak with one of the jewellery designers themselves, who has been making bespoke jewellery for years.

Ashley Douglas are specialists in custom made wedding rings, engagement rings and designer jewellery in Brisbane. All of our jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made to the very highest quality with handpicked diamonds and other precious gems. Purchasing our jewellery is an experience, not a sales transaction.

Please call Ashley Douglas on 07 3012 8112 to make an appointment to see us at our studio in the Brisbane Arcade.