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April / Diamond

Universally admired and valued, diamond is perhaps the most recognized gemstone on the planet. Countless words have been penned over the decades, extolling it, fascinating exquisiteness. Poets and copy writers have bestowed all manner of whimsical metaphors on the diamond- crystal tears, fallen stars, shattered mirror….. the list goes on. In truth, the diamond is pure, crystalised carbon. Nothing more, yet at the same time, everything else!

The hardest naturally occurring substance in the world, graphite’s more glamorous cousin, diamond, is the birthstone for April.

Essentially regarded as the symbol of innocence and enduring love, the diamond has beguiled mankind since that maiden glint of refracted light first radiated in India, over 5000 years ago. The folklore of the diamond is littered with tales of romance, tragedy, coup d’etat, intrigue, lust, revenge and the odd curse or two.

Once restricted to white, or colourless diamonds, we now have a choice of hues to select from; pink, yellow, blue, green, red, black to name a few. These “fancies” range in intensity from a faint blush of colour to vivid saturation. Diamond, comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning unconquerable.

Near indestructible and thoroughly captivating, the diamond is, and always will be, a hypnotic beauty.


“She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter-tears
For vain repentance flow; the stone,
Emblem of innocence, is known”

Birthstone Poems, 1870, Tiffany & Co, author unknown.

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