Our video, showcasing the ADJ experience

Bespoke – a word reigniting in mainstream conversation: the new “it girl” in the vocabulary spotlight. The mere articulation of its soft, plosive consonants intermingled with a long vowel of delight, conjure up luxe imagery.
In a marketplace saturated with mass-production and mediocrity, bespoke goods stand head and shoulders above the white noise of the quotidian.

In an era besieged by instant consumer gratification, the handmade is a testament to quality over quantity, individuality over ubiquity, style over fashion.

Ashley Douglas will demystify the bespoke process. Experienced and accommodating craftsmen will carefully and personally guide you along the design journey; enabling individual intentions, capturing and embodying your dreams into a wearable reality. Aspirations transform into art, and it is the client who drives the design objective and defines the value.

The real and true worth of any handcrafted, one-of-a-kind purchase is usually to be found in the estimation of the consumer.

By operating in a studio environment, and sourcing exceptional regional materials, the duo of Ashley Douglas are able to create pieces inherently unique as each client, all the while, abiding by their clients’ financial expectations.

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